Welcome Home. We are ALL One.

Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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I'm delighted to share that I am part of the production team for Deepak Chopra's new album & book: Home | Where Everyone Is Welcome. Put simply, Deepak Chopra is a gift to be shared.

This is a project about Immigration which encourages communal learning and growth through music and sharing personal immigration stories to lend to the human tapestry. I would like to share my own.
My parents’ migration to England was filled with promise. My father would study Economics and later develop local and international businesses. His phrase was Be Cosmopolitan (long before the magazine). My mother would study as a nurse before delivering the long line of wailing babies as a midwife and served later as a Matron for seniors. Taking care of business, life at its inception and its end, must have left an impression on them and the four children they would both nurture. For England is a country crafted in a polite class system. Only back then, when they arrived, it was more in your face. On seeking accommodation they were greeted by the sign: No Irish, No Dogs, No Coloreds- in that order. As immigrants, with so much to offer and willingness to build a better place, there must have been disappointments. Yet my parents had deep affection for Britain, and perhaps even more importantly, perseverance was their personal code. Their marriage was quite a love story that has survived the transition of my father. Like music, the depths of hardships and rise above struggles created a love not perfect, but supreme.

As a result of all this, I saw both extremes of life and the pretender of success. However it wasn't until the passing of my father that, for me, music came alive. I learned from my mother of my father’s deep love for Jazz, Opera, Afrobeat, Highlife and all forms of music, which he put aside when he became a father. I learnt of his childhood friendship with Fela. He, like my maternal grandfather could chart music. I see my own migration to America as connected to that West Side East Side Story. I should mention that my siblings got a head start due to their natural abilities with piano, saxophone, guitar and languages, in addition to their graduate professions. I was the late bloomer. As a student of music, I see music as more than sound. It has a depth of energetic messages and meaning which connects the universe in such a cosmopolitan way. When we hear a beautiful song, it acts like a compass and we can remember where home is. Home is home. It's where we feel most welcome. We have a seat at the table. We innately feel when are welcome, and know when we are unwelcome. There is an immense Cosmopolitan potential to merge together like the poetic movement of flocking birds to recreate a better dream. Like America, Music always asks for more. Let's celebrate each other and this very human project to make a better home out of spiritual and physical immigration.

For Immigration gives birth to Innovation.