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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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I am elated and very proud to share that I am part of the production team for Deepak Chopra's new album & book, Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome.

The lovely lady with the glasses is Elsie Gertrude Weimann Tabbert. She came to America in 1925 from Fischhausen, Prussia, which is now Germany. She married my great grandfather Fred, they had two sons and a daughter on a farm in the county 15 miles south of Eckelson, North Dakota.
My great grandparents Laura Cazzerra Sabbatino and Anthony Sabbatino were married in April of 1927. Laura came to America to meet her sister in Lawrence, Massachusetts from Presenzano, Italy in 1925 when she was 25 years old. Anthony was brought to America by his adopted parents when he was two years old after his birth parents were eventually married and wanted him back. He enlisted in the 306th Field Artillery, part of the American Expeditionary Forces, to fight in World War I on March 28, 1918 while they were living in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

My great-great-great grandfather Heinrich Menke was born in 1838 and settled in Sheboyan, Wisconsin from Fitzusan, Oldenberg, Germany in 1851. He married Orilla Clarke in 1857, she is the small lady in black. My German-born great-great grandfather Friedrich Tabbert and Mary Menke Tabbert, Heinrich's daughter and son in law are also pictured.

The message of this beautiful project speaks to me very personally. My family had a place to come to. They were happy here and enjoyed long, wonderful lives with large families. Laura and Anthony have six children, one of whom lives with me and is my favorite member of the family.

Immigrants are the heart and soul of this country. Immigrants comprise our nation. I am very proud to be a descendant of immigrants.