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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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I am thrilled to announce that I will be part of an important movement inspired by the American legacy- I am excited to be featured on the opening and title track of Deepak Chopra's new project entitled “Home- Where Everyone is Welcome"- which is inspired by American Immigrants and their pursuit of the American Dream. My vocals on this track were inspired by the desire of every being to find “home” and all that encompasses that powerful word. And personally, I drew on the experiences of my immigrant father. As the 1st generation daughter of an immigrant I can deeply relate to the journey of trials and triumphs to find home.

This is a photo of my father with his family in India which was taken directly before he came to the United States in 1971- he continued to visit and help support his family back in New Delhi, but he never looked back. This man- Yudhishter Mohan Bhatnagar (pictured far left) - came to the United States educated in the field of medicine. He worked tirelessly through residencies and internships and overcame many obstacles to become a brilliant obstetrician/gynecologist, endocrinologist, infertility specialist, and surgeon. He fell in love and married my mother (a 2nd generation daughter of Irish immigrants) and together they built a life working and raising a family together. He became a self made man in this land of opportunity. He built a successful and much needed medical practice in a small rural town in Western Pennsylvania. He did not take his opportunities, freedoms and this democracy for granted. He eventually became an American citizen. Over the course of his 40+ year career as an OB/GYN he delivered over 4,000 babies bringing life and legacy into this world. He performed countless surgeries and treatments on many women which saved their lives and changed their lives for the better. And he always provided treatment to his patients even if they could not pay.

I'm extremely proud of my immigrant father, my immigrant relatives and all immigrants who helped build this country through hard work and perseverance. I feel immigrants infuse multiculturalism into societies by bringing and honing important trades and talents which support and contribute to the socio- economic system. Cultural ideas, traditions, cuisine, music- add a richness to the fabric of humanity and what I feel is deeply the American culture. I am proud to call myself a multi-cultural descendant of immigrants.

There is much polarization in the world currently. At this point in humanity, societal change seems to come at a heavy price and with it's share of growing pains. Individuals with integrity are just that no matter where they are born. I always endeavor to see both sides of the coin with social issues with empathy and understanding for people’s beliefs, and to also stand strong to my own. In America, I feel that I've had the freedom and the opportunity to choose many paths of fulfillment, passion, and purpose in both my professional and personal life, and I believe this is fundamentally the credo of the American Dream.