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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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I’m proud to be featured on Deepak Chopra’s new album “Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome” which is inspired by Immigrants and their pursuit of the American Dream. For those people who are not familiar with Deepak he is a very spiritual and intellectual individual whose work is known all around the world, this is why for me it’s an extra special collaboration, I play on a track inspired by Celia Cruz titled “Queen”. Since I had many opportunities to perform and tour with Celia throughout my musical career this makes my performance on this recording very special, honoring her in my own way and also inspired me to write this little poem dedicated to the Queen titled “Eternal Voice”:

Eternal Voice:
Dedicated to Celia Cruz;

The eternal voice singing through your transparent soul is forever in our minds, the music that gave you life, lives within us. "Azucar" negra, la reina de la canción, vibrant and full of life and glory walking through the heavens chanting "Quimbara" for the universe to hear your power. long live the queen!
Wilson “Chembo” Corniel, Jr.

I am extremely proud of my Puerto Rican / American heritage and I’m honored to be part of this movement if you will, of awareness of the contributions of ALL immigrants to America. My father and mother came to the U.S. around the 1951 where he worked in a factory running huge knitting machines for the textile industry, my mother was a homemaker and took care of four children, I was born in New York City November of 1953. My mother was from a town in Puerto Rico named Los Indios, Guayanilla where her father (my grandfather) played accordion and my uncles played guitar and sang mostly playing ballads and typical trio music of Puerto Rico. Thank you for permitting me to add my little piece of grain to this wonderful project!

photo 1954:
left: Wilson "Wilson Chembo Corniel, center: Wilson Corniel, Sr., right: Olga Montalvo