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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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Written by: Dorie Pride

Where the sky meets the soil
And the wind blows through time
Where seeds of life are sown
Through blood, tears and strife
Son of a Native daughter
Daughter of an African son
Both bloods run through my veins
One brought over in chains
They told me that one great grandma’s
Eyes were made of blue
But when I look in the mirror
No trace of that shines through
On the other side they said
She walked the Trail of Tears
With grace and strength and dignity
She held on through the years
Desolation and despair didn’t break them down
I feel their souls inside of me
I stand on sacred ground
Like the ancient sequoia tree
Whose branches touch the sky
My roots are deep and steep in pride
I know that I can fly!
When the fragile blade of grass sprouts forth
And yet there is no rain
I can hear the sound of my ancestors
Calling out my name!
Stand strong and let the winds die down
Remain in trust - listen to us
And you’ll see the sacred rain
Falling from the sky…
Our spirits never die…
Feel me in the rich black soil
See me in the big blue sky
Walk with us and heed our voice
In time you will know why!