Welcome Home. We are ALL One.

Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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My home is where you are.
The brave and the free.

I’ve worked hard to be among you,
Your spirit, your beliefs.

As a mass we huddled to reach you
and arrived on your great shores.
A family once forgotten,
we washed up at your door.

Your bustle warmed and grabbed me.
A job! To work I was thrown
with so many different cultures, all people,
so diverse, but we were one.

I love you America, my heart, you are my home.
Once all strangers amongst us,
together how strong we’ve grown.

Please let us remember not be be remiss,
how we are each others treasures, our differences are our gifts.
Our tapestry together is what makes our America strong
We’ve built this country in unison, this home where we belong.