Welcome Home. We are ALL One.

Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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For most of you your past is near
From one generation to the next
Passed down - written down
The details are mostly clear

But I'm a proud bastard
Adopted on day three
I've known nothing of heritage,
Birthright or legacy
Is there something wrong with me?

I hear people talk about family history and
I wonder if I'm missing out
Not wanting for who I am,
Where I come from or things about my health

I just don't know

Do I really need all that family?
I felt ok with just us three
No need for buying all those presents
For birthdays, holidays or whatever
I've felt no lack

My music is my legacy - both played and taught
I've passed on what I know to quite a lot
My heritage I share with many
It stretches back hundreds of years
It runs from Mozart to Copeland to MIles
And in everything I hear

So I build upon a foundation
made by mentors, colleagues and friends
They guided and shaped me
The person who I am

I thank them