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With many thanks and sincere gratitude to Deepak and Kabir for encouraging me to create and share this poem, first presented at The Chopra WellBeing Center in Carlsbad California.

Wind of Life
by Lyn Stanley

Wind, oh wind,
where did you begin?
Do you have an end?
Do you just swirl the universe
knowing every bend?

Wind, were you there in the beginning?
Surrounding ancestors exploring new land?
Is your travel timeless and without end?
Do you swirl the universe knowing every bend?

Wind, I felt you as a child of ten
So vivid, so gentleā€”a good friend,
You comforted me with spirits of love
Wrapping me in calm during rough seas above.
How did you know I needed my universe help me bend?

Souls of my ancestors, family and friends
Our bodies hold keys that link us without end
Ground to sow; garment to stitch, songs to sing -
Threads of love and courage-a perfect blend.
But wind-do you really know every bend?

Wind of Life-
Swirl your love, hold me close and dear,
Help me bend more with each progressive year.