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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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The Heritage of Love
I am proud of my heritage. But I am not talking about Judaism.
I fell in love with a beautiful girl. So much in love, that I decided to ask her to marry me.
With all of her beauty and intelligence, her kindness and compassion, she was everything to me. Everything but Jewish.
Was I prepared to break the ancient chain of Jewish lineage?
Was I just a California dreamer, even worse...a musician, falling for a Shiksa?
One evening I got together with my family, and I told them that I wanted to ask Diana to marry me.
I expected to hear questions like,”Will she be converting?” or “Wouldn’t it be easier to be with a nice Jewish girl?”
My grandma Lil, the light of our family, asked the only question that matters: “Do you love her?”
My heritage is love.