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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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This story is one of 400 oral histories that were collected by African-American and immigrant children in Oakland, California. They were part of an oral history program created by Black Swan Arts & Media. 32 of the stories became the basis of a aerial/dance, music and multimedia performance, Heart of America: Stories from the New Ellis Island. http://blackswanarts.org/heart

Here is one of the stories.

La Migra/Sand



My mom was born in Guatemala
When she came here
She came in a truck

She passed through Tijuana

There were a lot of men
Called la migra

La migra came
To arrest my mom

So she went to jail

She said she was from Mexico

Then la migra let my mom out of jail
Then they sent my mom
Back to Tijuana

Those two men came
And took my mom

In the yellow desert
With no water, no trees

It was just filled with hot hot sand