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My parents were both born in Italy. They married in Italy and then came to the USA to start their family. Dad spoke only Italian. I was born in the USA and spent my Summers in Italy with my grandparents, cousins, extended family. The Italian landscape, culture and history shaped me into becoming an artist. I create “Sacred Art” and am filled with passion and soul. America gave me the practical opportunities needed to for my spiritual work. I would not want to live in one country without the other. Both are my home. The photo enclosed is my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary at the church in Italy where they initially got married. The same priest, and bridesmaids celebrated with us. My parents 15 “American” grandchildren were there as they attended with me and my 3 siblings ... the painting on the altar is a portrait of Saint Francis Of Assisi and Saint Clare which I created because my parents were married on the feast day of Saint Clare (August 11) and theygave birth to me three years later on the feast day of Saint Francis (October 4th). As everyone knows in Italian history these given two saints were married to one another yet lived separately to begin missions in the name of Christ for the healing of humanity: The Franciscans Brothers. the Clarrissan nuns. The story is a blessed one. A beautiful life of love and devotion. Namaste, Giuliana Francesca Falco