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My dad came over from Italy he was an amazing musician , conductor and arranger a student of the famous La Scala Milan method. When they smuggled Igor Stravinsky’s score in from Russia on “Petrouska" he was given the assignment to copy all the parts. He was what they call an “autographer” in the day meaning his music handwriting had to be perfect because they made the plates for printing the music from his handwriting. I have so many stories and recently did a 10 hour DVD interview on my life for a library of congress project. In 1988 i did the 50th anniversary of the historic Benny Goodman 1938 concert first time ever jazz was in Carnegie Hall.

I sat in Harry James chair all night playing lead trumpet and jazz solos. Isaac Stern did the intermission he was very good friends with Benny and a jazz fan. Any one who was in the audience in 1938 enthralled teenagers at the time were allowed to sit on the stage that night it was one of the high points in my career. That 1938 concert is when swing music became the national music of the country lasting all through the war and being a huge inspiration to the effort. As i was playing that night I could see decades dropping off the faces of those sitting on stage in their 60s now as they relived that historic night. The power of music!