Welcome Home. We are ALL One.

Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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Where did I COME from?
How did my ANCESTORS
view the world?
Leading LIVES I’ll never live
In HOMES I’ll never know.
Latvia … Germany … Russia … Poland …
Mostly just NAMES to me
Places I’ll never SEE

But what’s been CLEAR
across the YEARS
from the time I was a boy
was how MUCH they cared
Seeking FREEDOM in the air
Ready to find it ANY-where
with a NEW home of their OWN.

They came HERE
Now it’s up to ME
To be the BEST that I can be
Memories of GRAND-parents
from my youth
Inspiring MY own quest for truth

I’ve HEARD how hard they worked
Of the duties they NEVER shirked
A HUMBLING context for MY troubles
Whatever burdens I bear,
So much LESS than theirs

I will CONTINUE to do my best
To HONOR the path they set
Doing what I can
to improve this earth
In memory of those
who gave my life birth

Everyone’s an immigrant SOME place
But we all have ONE planet
as OUR space
This earth is HOME to us ALL
Between us EACH,
let there be NO walls
We SHARE this home!
Let us THINK about that.