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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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The music of my existence " Special Treasures"

Pulled from the soils of the Mother Land,
Shackled and chained in the bowels of ships rocking across the seas
My ancestors were not immigrants by choice
More by force without a language or voice.
A genetic makeup from the Congo, Cameroun, and Nigeria
A blended combination , yet never inferior
We're the original blood diamonds, those melanated beings
More valuable than gold , these treasures would be responsible for generational wealth
that would be the solid foundation for which this country stands, from the handful that
survived each rotation nations would be born.
Smart and gifted of my Mothers Lineage
Dr's, midwives, and professionals are a large percentage
My musical heritage embodied from my grandfather a self taught pianist and inventor
As centuries would past so would the visible scars and tears of the lash
Bodies would stop swinging from tress and finally
the joyful rhythm of our spirits would begin to soar,
out in the form of dance and song
invention, innovation continual shaping of creations
Trained in self reliance and strong independence,
A legacy that will last forever
Now firmly integrated into everyday of today, the history is not
fully known , but not completely lost, the value never diminished
the DNA is still awakening.
Special Treasures, Special Treasures, Special Treasures