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Here is a collection of family immigrant stories from across our human experience.

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hidden in the shadows of my father
by raymond “rameer mohammad” hayden

thirty years have come to pass and still I ponder will this feeling ever pass?
my father’s memory, a distant light…fades away in the shadows of the night.
was I ever good enough?
was I ever loved enough?
will I ever be strong enough?

grace flows through me and helps me understand,
but, in this case, the answer seems hidden in a distant land.
never underestimate the strength of love,
never doubt the abundance of a father’s love,
stand your ground, seek patience from above.

heritage of my people, I may not understand,
their persian customs aren’t of this land.
my fathers ashes laid rest by the sea,
…a deeper understanding provides the key.
…a deeper empathy will set me free.

my pain lay hidden deep inside, masked wanderer in the night.
I follow in footsteps in shadow of the past, seeking answers…
who am I to question why?
who am I to never try?
who am I?

hidden in the shadows of my father,
a mere immigrant until he passed.
only now do I understand,
we are a melting pot of children…a melting pot un-planned.

hidden in the shadows of my father,
an artist, chef and father from a mis-understood land,
only now do I understand,
its my journey as a man…