Welcome Home. We are ALL one.

We invite you to share your personal family immigration story with us.  The more we share the better our world will be in these turbulent times.

And in support of your contribution and all those recovering from the recent catastrophes – disasters, violence, social unrest, sickness and disease –  we are gifting you with the music meditation and poetry, Survivor.  We hope this gift encourages and brings you to a place of compassion.

Compassion is one of the most honored and saintly feelings because it marches up to the front lines of suffering and says, “Take me.” In this giving of oneself there is a direct experience of pain, yet in the giving there is love.  Thus, compassion has the power to dissolve pain by not avoiding it, but by trusting that love affords the greatest protection. By discovering that there is a reality – love – stronger than any pain, you mount your strongest protection.

With love and gratitude,

Deepak, Kabir, Paul

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